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A logobook is a guide to the correct use of a company logo.

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  • 5+ years of experience in design
  • personal graphic designer
  • 245+ logos
  • 34+ logobooks

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The main version of the logo
brand philosophy / logo idea / main elements / description of key logo details
Additional versions of the logo
Additional versions of the logo
other placement / proportions / color scheme / complicated or simplified versions of the logo / black and white version / monochrome version
Logo construction
The proportions of the logo / its construction / the relationship between the trademark and font
Logo dimensions
minimum logo size / proportional logo reduction
Protective field
protective field "status a" / protective field "status b" /
how to create a protective field yourself? / instructions
Don't do it with a logo
instructions on what not to do / adjust the shape and color / damage to the logo
Branded colors
Your colors / RGB, CMYK, HEX color codes / use the logo on colored backgrounds
Branded font
Font name / font size / available languages / font thickness

The price of the logo / logobook

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One logo

One day

Vector files (.svg)

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3-5 logo options

2-3 days

Vector files (.ai, .eps, .svg)

Your logo (.png, .jpeg)

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